White Car Rental: The Car Rental Company For Electric Car Fans

February 6, 2019 8:30 pm Categorised in:

If you’re an electric car owner who happens to be traveling away from home for business or pleasure (and you can’t take your electric car with you), there’s a really horrible feeling that accompanies the whole car rental process…usually because you don’t want to drive an internal combustion engined car. 

Very few rental companies out there even offer electric cars, and those that do often charge incredibly high prices for the privilege. 

But one rental company in Europe wants to change that. Meet White Car (https://www.white.car) , a rental company that only rents out Teslas. And while it may look expensive on paper, when you compare the prices (and the experience) to renting a comparable premium car from a standard rental company, it’s incredibly cost-effective. 

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