The new 2018 iPad Pro – PERFECT for the 1%

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So the iPad got a facelift. It’s now an iPhone 5 on steroids or the original iPad came back after losing it’s beer gut.

In general, I was way more impressed with the iPad update than the MacBook Air and Mac Mini updates as it felt like Apple was trying to push the iPad forward whereas the updates to the other products where just to bring them out of dereliction.

But after watching the entire iPad keynote, also, where are my AirPods 2, the only thought that I had was “Does Netflix work on it?” and my answer to that question made me realize that the new iPad Pro isn’t for me, it’s for the 1%.

Here are the notable features from my perspective:

1. New form factor! This new iPad is ripped.

2. The screen get’s updated to LIQUID Retina level. It’s still an LCD screen but now it sounds way sexier with the word Liquid in front of it. Let that LIQUID Retina screen show you it’s 226 ppi.

3. Comes with FaceID and gestures. FaceID works in all orientation which is cool since upside down FaceiD on my iPhone XS’s isn’t a thing. Personally, I think gestures on the iPhone X to very intuitive so I’m excited to see how well it works on the new iPad. If you’re wondering what I think about the new iPhone XS’s and XR’s check out my comparison video for those devices!

4. New iPad Pro has new chips. The iPhone XS has the A12 chip, the iPad Pro now has the A12X chip. Quickly, what comes to mind when you see the letter X? I get thrown back to my teenage years were DEGENERATION X was a thing. Now on a much less serious note, telling the audience how many billion of anything usually gets them riled up. That’s SO MANY transistors! But it pales in comparison to the 5 Trillion operations per second. So many illions! And honestly, do people even know what they’re clapping for?

5. This new iPad is 1000x faster than the original iPad which is pretty cool. It’s not because that comparison is equivalent to some guy at BMW saying that their latest M-Series of car is faster than a pony. It’s me saying that I’ve added 245 lbs to my bench since I was a toddler.

6. Now Apple has spent serious parts of their keynotes over the last year talking about machine learning and how it’s been applied to photos. Now I understand this technology is suppose to exist in the background BUT have you guys noticed an improvement in how your photos are managed? I have not.

7. The new iPads will have an option to come with 1 TB of storage. That’s so much space. How many more Netflix videos can I download?

8. The new iPad’s will use USB-C which is a side-grade in my opinion. I like the Apple moved away from their proprietary Lightning cables BUT USB-C cables are just a mess. For my laptops, the only USB-C cables that were fully compatible with my laptops were the Apple branded ones. Hopefully it gets better in the near future.

9. The new iPads now allow you to charge your iPhone. This will be handy for people who treat their iPad’s as their primary working devices. And keep forgetting their chargers.

10. The Apple Pencil has been upgraded to the Apple Pencil 2 (where are my AirPods 2?). The new pencil attaches and charges magnetically to the iPad which beats the current dangling solution. It will support double tap gestures that apps will be able to customize.

So those are basically the new hardware features of the iPad Pro. Apple did spend some time talking about the apps and this was were I realized that these new iPads aren’t really meant for normal people like me, but for the 1%.

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