The Boring Company Changes Its Plans. Here’s Why It Makes Sense

March 13, 2018 1:22 am Categorised in:

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When it was first founded, The Boring Company had planned to transform megacities by building a massive underground transit system through which both vehicles and specially-designed pods could travel atop custom-built, electrically-powered sleds. 

Since that point, The Boring Company has successfully completed its first test tunnel at the SpaceX lot in Hawthorne, California — and it has received permission to extend the test tunnel outside of SpaceX’s grounds underneath parts of Los Angeles. At the same time, The Boring Company and its CEO Elon Musk have attracted interest from cities all around the world interested to see how The Boring Company could transform their cities. 

Over the weekend, Musk tweeted that the original focus of The Boring Company was changing slightly, focusing on mass-transit uses before working on a way to transport private vehicles across its networks.  

Watch the video above to find out why this is a smart move for Elon Musk, The Boring Company, and mass transit as a whole.  Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe, and support us through Patreon or Bitcon using the links above.