The BEST Moshi iPhone XS Case? 10 cases reviewed! Talos, iGlaze, Kameleon, SenseCover, StealthCover

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So after about 4 weeks of usage, I’m most impressed with the Moshi Astra and the Moshi Talos. Both cases have unique designs and features that improve the grip of your iPhone.

The Moshi Talos is a tougher looking case though we’re not given a specific height we can drop from.

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The Sensecover is great if you’re looking for a cover case, the Kameleon has an awesome kickstand.

The products I’d stay away? The SuperSkin and Vitros.

00:02:17 – Moshi iGlaze – (3.4/5)

-Upgrade from old iGlaze

-Shiny edges (not a fan of)

My feelings are a little mixed regarding the iGlaze. It has a new back but the handling is still poor.

iPhone access is average in the case as the buttons are easy to use, the edge of the case is a little low as it almost sits flush with a .4mm thick screen protector.

00:03:23 – Moshi Altra – (4.3/5)

-Great design
-Wrist strap accent is nice

-Mildly slick edges

The Astra comes with a wrist strap that has a giant loop which looked a little odd to me but it works well.

If you’re looking for a unique case that will handle the bumps of everyday life, the Altra is going to be a good choice.

00:04:49 – Moshi Talos – (4.2/5)

-Grippy edge
-Unique design
-Port/Speaker Cover

-Slick Back

The Talos is Moshi’s toughest case but they don’t say high you can actually drop it.

I really like the overall design of the Talos. The TPU and PC portions of the case fit tightly together. It honestly feels like the case is made from one piece of material rather than a fusion of pieces.

The Talos is the bulkiest case in this video BUT the grip on the edges of the case minimizes the feel of the extra bulk. Again, more bulk, means more protection for your stupidly expensive iPhone.

00:06:34 – Moshi Vitros – (3.3/5)


-Way too slick
-Tough buttons

The Moshi Vitros is a terrible product.

00:06:51 – Moshi Capto – (3.5/5)

-Unique design
-One-handed usage!
-Kickstand “feature”

-Not useful

The strap and buckle click onto the back of the Capto and is a little tough to remove. The setup can be used for a kickstand or a finger loop for one-handed usage. It does neither of these things well.

The case isn’t that rigid and despite having a matte look to the case, feels quite slick.

00:09:20 – Moshi Kameleon – (4.3/5)

-Stable kickstand
-Leather back

-Cheap kickstand
-Edges are slick

The Kameleon is a case that I really enjoy using. The standout feature of the Kameleon is the kickstand. Despite being made of plastic, it still provides your iPhone with a stable base for viewing your iPhone easily while sitting. It’s easy to use and Moshi decided not to integrate it directly into the back of the case which means the bulk of the kickstand isn’t that noticeable.

00:11:03 – Moshi Stealth Cover – (3.8/5)

-Unique and Tough Cover
-Mag latch

-How would you us it?
-Covers up camera

I’m a little confused by the Moshi StealthCover. I’m not sure in which situation I would use the case. You can’t access the screen like you would with the SenseCover and you can almost see enough of the screen if you squint hard enough. So again, when would this be useful? There’s a cutout for the FaceID sensor so you can unlock your device through the cover but you can’t interact with it? That’s stealthy?

00:12:41 – Moshi SenseCover – (4.4/5)

-Allows you to see who’s calling
-Stops face grease
-Doubles as a stand

-Camera access is reduced

This leather cover case fit well and the leather cover makes the iPhone feel a little more luxurious. The leather also helps keep the iPhone in one place on a flat surface. The cover doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the iPhone which is nice and the magnetic latch on the cover works well though it won’t attach onto the back.

Now the SensArray allows you to swipe left and right through the cover. Which is handy for those who take lots of phone calls?

00:14:42 – Moshi Vesta – (3.9/5)

-Cloth backed case
-Unique case


Again, the cloth backs on Moshi cases are awesome. Such a nice break from plastic!

00:15:15 – Moshi Super Skin – (2.8/5)


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