Spigen GLAStR Nano Liquid Review – Liquid Screen Protector for smartphones, watches and tablets

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I like Spigen cases. Their Reventon is one of my favourite cases. BUT how about their screen protectors. Specifically the Nano Liquid? This product in general is a great addition to a smartphone setup that includes a case and an existing screen protector. I personally don’t think liquid screen protectors have enough features to warrant being used on their own.

If you want to know exactly why I think this, check out my extremely detailed video regarding liquid screen protectors. I’ve used a variety of different liquid screen protectors for that video including the Whoos! Diamond Defense and CrystalTech Nano 2.0.

Detailed video: https://youtu.be/NIPOTDUnUfo

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Specifically for the Spigen Glastr Nano Liquid, my focus with this product was the re-adding of the Oleophobic coating and scratch resistance the product offered my iPhone. After I show you the results of the tests, I’ll tell you how I would personally use a liquid screen protector.

From my understanding, every liquid screen protector is generally the same. It’s made from Silicone Dioxide or SiO2. It’s liquid glass. You’re basically adding a thin layer of glass to your existing glass. The Spigen product is made in America which might be important for some. TARIFFS!

Every liquid screen protector I used was installed in the same manner. Clean your screen and then use a wet wipe to slather the liquid screen protector all over the screen of the device that you want to use. For my oleophobic test, I used an iPhone X which had 1/2 of the device stripped down to the glass with a magic eraser and an 5 year old iPad.

I did water droplet tests on both devices prior to adding the liquid screen protector to see how poorly the oleophobic coatings worked. I then installed the screen protector, waited 48 hours for the product to fully cure and tried the water droplet tests again. Thee wasn’t much of a difference between the two which was disappointing.

My fingerprint tests didn’t fare any better which was disappointing as well. Now one might think that nothing was actually applied to the screen but the screen on my old iPad felt like new. These liquid screen protectors technically smooth over older screens, filling in the gaps where the previous coating has been worn down so having my iPad screen feel new again was a pleasant surprise.

When it comes to scratch resistance, technically the Nano Liquid screen protector does improve the scratch protection it offers your device. The Nano glass is of 9H hardness which is cool. As I mentioned above, you’re basically adding a thin layer of glass to your device which will improve the scratch resistance BUT unlike traditional screen protectors, you can’t remove it after it gets damaged. So it looks like your screen is permanently damaged or technically is permanently damaged depending on how you look at it. The normal round of rocks, keys and knives didn’t leave a mark. The only thing that would scratch the product was sandpaper which was expected.

Now you might be wondering how tough this extra layer of glass which is a test I did on a different brand of liquid screen protector. Check out the detailed video for all the details.

So where does a liquid screen protector fit with my smartphone setup? Sure it doesn’t seem to add much in terms of scratch and oleophobic protection but it does add a bit of impact protection. So I would put it on my screen as well as my screen protector. The sensitivity of the device isn’t going to be impacted by the product. With that setup, you’re going to have above average protection for your smartphone.

One of the benefits of the liquid screen protectors is that after you use on one device, you can use it on another. I was able to get four uses out of a liquid screen protector with the last application being used in the impact protection I was talking about earlier.

If you want to know what I think about using liquid screen protectors on other devices such as tablets and smart watches, check out the last few minutes of the detailed video where I cover those devices.

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