Should you UPGRADE? – iPhone XR vs. iPhone XS/XS MAX – 17 Differences

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The iPhone XR is an odd phone isn’t it? At $750 dollars, it’s not exactly a budget iPhone that everybody was hoping for so should you upgrade to it? or should you choose the iPhone XS instead?

The iPhone Xr is ~75% the cost of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max so is the Xr 3/4 of the phone that the Xs’s are? That’s the question you need to answer if you’re trying to figure out which device to upgrade to.

Here’s 17 differences to help you choose between the two devices.

1. Larger storage on iPhone XS’s

The base capacity for all three phones is the same at 64 gb BUT if you’re always running out of space, the XS’s have 256GB and 512GB options whereas the iPhone Xr only has 128GB and 256GB storage options.

2. OLED vs. LCD (Brighter Screen)

The iPhone Xs’s have an OLED screen that Apple has called Super Retina HD while the Xr has an LCD screen called Liquid Retina HD. What’s the difference between Super and Liquid? Well, Liquid sounds way sexier doesn’t it?

To keep it short, things look better on an OLED screen.

3. Different screen resolutions

With the OLED screens, you get higher pixel resolutions which means your picture and videos will look a little better on the iPhone Xs’s. Here’s a microscopic look at the screens, you can definitely tell that one has smaller pixels than the other.

4. Bigger screen on the iPhone XS

5. XS’s allows for HDR playback

Better screen? Better video playback experience (if the video stream supports it…Netflix does)

6. XS’s have better contrast ratio

The OLED screen on the iPhone XS’s have a much better contrast ratio (1000000:1 vs 1400:1) which means colors look better.

7. iPhone XR doesn’t have 3D Touch

This was a little surprising to me as the big technological feature of the iPhone 6s’s, 3D Touch has been omitted in the iPhone Xr.

8. Different size/weights

This one is a no-brainer. The iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr are all different sizes. The best handling iPhone? It’s the smallest iPhone that costs $250 dollars more than the cheapest one.

9. Water protection/Splash Protection

When it comes to overall toughness, the iPhone XS’s are rated to IP68 which means they are full submersible to 2m for 30 mins. The iPhone XR has iP67 which is 1 m for 30 mins.

10. Single lens on XR (no telephoto)

In my opinion, the biggest difference between the XS’s and the XR is the camera. The XR is missing the telephoto lens.

11. Fewer Portrait mode settings

The iPhone XR only has 3 portrait mode settings on the rear camera. The XS’s have 5. The two that are missing? Stage and Stage Mono.

12.Faster LTE on XS’s

The XS’s have a Gigabyte LTE modem. The XR has LTE advanced. The difference between the two is going to be about 500Mpbs IF you’re wireless network supports it WHICH I doubt since Gigabyte cellular speeds is in the realm of 5G.

13.Better battery on iPhone XR

By a little bit. Apple’s become quite cryptic with their battery life with statements of “lasts 30 mins longer than the iPhone X” but don’t really quantify WHAT the iPhone is actually doing. Is it dimmed all the way down in airplane mode because those extra 30 mins are going to be SO useful.

14.iPhone XS isn’t symmetrical

This is probably going tomatoes for a few people as the bottom of the iPhone Xs isn’t symmetrical. There’s an antennae piece that goes where the headphone jack is suppose to go whereas the iPhone Xr’s bottom is completely uniform.

15.Xr is going to be cheaper to repair

When it comes to overall repair costs, the Xr comes out on top. Without Apple Care, replacing the screen on the XS Max is 329, the regular is 279 and the Xr is only 199.

16.Xr is way more colourful

When it comes to overall colors, the XR comes out on top IF you want something that’s a little over the top. I’ll be honest with you, I could ~almost forgo all the benefits of the iPhone XS’s for a yellow iPhone XR.

17.The XR is cheaper

By a lot. The XR is $750 dollars, the XS is $999 and the XS Max is $1099. With the XR, you’re saving between $250 and $350 dollars and you’re. To look at it another way, the XR is only ~70-75% the price of Apple’s Premium device.

–What’s my personal deal breaker?–

You”ll have to find out in the video!

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