No Passing At COTA? You’re Doing Something Wrong.

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Here we ride with Winding Road Racing team driver Tom Martin III for the first few laps of a recent Spec MX-5 Challenge race at Circuit of The Americas. Martin, along with fellow drivers Noah Grey (07 white) and Harry Voigt (09 blue), demonstrate that there are multiple pass and re-pass points around the F1 track. In particular, T1, T11, T12, T15, T19 and T20 offer passing opportunities in many cars. Passing in the esses is trickier, but if you are significantly faster it can be done, especially in T5/T6.

The other thing that may be apparent from this video is that the pass and then re-pass scenario happens often, especially in momentum cars. This means you have to think about when you want to make your passes and when being passed is okay. With the timing line for finishes being right after T20, being the passer in T15 or T19 is often critical.

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