NEW 2018 MacBook Air and Mac Mini – 18 DISAPPOINTING things you might have missed!

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So Apple updated the MacBook Air and Mac Mini today. On paper, these updates look pretty good. BUT did anybody else feel almost a little annoyed, underwhelmed and almost angry with these updates?

I’m going to sound incredibly disgruntled for the part of the video except for #7. And #7 is the reason why I think the MacBook Air is going to be better than the regular MacBook.

Am I this disgruntled for the new iPad, find out: https://youtu.be/jWollk7mtmQ

So…Apple basically modernized the MacBook Air by:

1. Adding a Retina screen. Which would have been incredibly if they did this closer to 2012 than 2020 because retina screen’s are the de-facto standard BUT most people didn’t realize that.

2. FaceTime camera is at the top of the display. Which is were you want it for a FT call. Where else would it be?

3. MacBook Air get’s TouchID which is handy. It’s a fairly useful tool. Easier then typing my usual password of 000000. Being apple to pay for things using TouchID on my Mac is actually quite neat.

4. The T2 chip with all its security feature provides better security for your laptop. Also, what comes to mind when you see the word T2? I’ll be back.

5. It comes with a keyboard and TrackPad!

6. And it sounds better! Surprise Surprise!

7. AND IT COMES with Thunderbolt 3. NOT USB-C and this is amazing. Why? Because Thunderbolt 3 basically eliminates the problem of having a weak sauce graphics card in the laptop. It’s been a longtime coming BUT external processing units or eGPU’s have started to pick up steam in the last year and being able to add a buttload of processing power to my laptop using an eGPU has been awesome. My laptop runs cooler which means there is less wear and tear on the unit AND I can run as many monitors as the eGPU has ports for.

8. Apple’s added new chips and a faster SSD. When I see this part of the keynotes, I always wonder why they even have it. It’s like waking up everyday. If somebody asks me “how was your day?” and I don’t respond with “I woke up…that’s kinda a given isn’t it? Sort of like chip upgrades…

9. Amazing All-day battery! BUT All-day to Apple doesn’t mean the same thing to us folk who think a day is 24 hours. Apple defines All-day as the amount of time you might be working on your laptop which apparently caps out at 12 hours on the MacBook Air. Marketing fluff!

10. New form factor which is pretty neat.

11. New aluminum alloy used in the Air which is going to be better for the environment. I personally do enjoy watching those parts of the keynote because it shows Apple’s innovation in other areas. I always see the “Apple stopped innovating years ago” statements and stuff like coming up with their own alloy counters those claims.

So that’s the updated MacBook Air. Is it as amazing as it sounds? Maybe, but all I know now is that it’s going to be even HARDER to figure out which Mac laptop to get. When I was going through that phase last year, it was really easy to ignore the MacBook Air because, well, it didn’t compare to any of the newer laptops..

Onto the Mac Mini. Remember, Apple last updated this computer FOUR YEARS AGO.

1. Space grey is Pro?

2. You can put in way more memory than you could 4 years ago. My mac Mini…topped out at 16GB..the new Mac Mini can take in 64GB

3. And you have the option to have more HD space which will be handy. 2TB’s sounds amazing except that’s the premium version as the base model which starts at 128GB.

4. Apple has included the “I’ll be back chip” (T2 chip)

5. Updated cooling system. I wonder if the cool animation ships with the unit? As a side note, I had to take a look at the cooling unit on my mac mini. Fan’s are in the same location.

6. Comes with 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports. With the inclusion of those ports, if I ever higher an editor, they’re going to get a Mac Mini with an eGPU to edit with. Again, Thunderbolt 3…Awesome.

7. Also made from recycled aluminum which is cool.

With all things considered, this is a good upgrade for the Mac Mini. Is it anything ground breaking? No. Will Apple wait another 4 years before upgrading it? I hope not. And I don’t even understand why they left it on the back burner for so long. At least with the MacBook Air, they eventually bumped up the processor speeds in the laptop BUT Apple literally left the Mac Mini untouched for 4 years.

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