MY LOOPY ROBOT – First Look at Prototype of Cool and Fun Robot for Kids

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My Loopy stands at just three-inches tall, but his enormous personality will keep kids (and kids at heart!) curious and entertained through four levels of evolution and learning. When Loopy arrives, he has little knowledge of planet Earth and can only communicate in his native language (plus some interesting bodily functions). As Loopy plays and interacts with his human companion he becomes more articulate in English, unlocks more games and features, gains the ability to use all of his sensors and develops a sassy attitude.

Loopy’s seven sensors (touch, proximity, light, temperature, tilt, motion and sound) give him the ability to understand and react to the world around him. He also has built-in AI that allows him to pay attention to the games kids like the best, their favorite color, how often they pick him up or play with him— and he remembers, just like any great friend would.

Unlock fun games in each of Loopy’s levels, including favorites like Simon Says and Hide and Seek. Loopy can play five different games when fully unlocked, all without use of an app. Loopy uses his sensors during gameplay to know when you tilt him in the right direction, clap at the right time, run fast enough and more!

Loopy also knows how to throw an amazing dance party, especially for a robot who can’t move his arms and legs. In Dance Mode, DJ Loopy plays one of seven songs while his dome lights flash to the rhythm. Like any good DJ, Loopy knows when to switch up the song to keep kids dancing—his built-in sensor-fusion technology lets him know when they’re grooving to the beat.

My Loopy loves to chat with his human companion and has more than 250 programmed phrases and responses. Turn out the lights and Loopy might say “Nooooo! I don’t wanna go to bed!” Pick him up and start walking and he might ask “Where should we go?” After some play time, Loopy might tell you “You’re my BEST friend!” or he could say “Eew, you smell funny!”

With each level, more games are unlocked. Once you’ve unlocked all four levels, Loopy can play five different games with you, no app necessary:
• Simon Says: A Loopy twist on a retro classic! Loopy displays light patterns on his dome—tilt him toward the lights in the correct order and he’ll keep challenging you! Complete six levels to win.
• Color Game: Do you know your colors? Loopy displays three colors on his dome and calls one out for you to identify. Tilt him in the direction of the color six times to win!
• Hide and Seek: Loopy’s small stature makes him easy to hide! Have someone find a good hiding spot for him, while you close your eyes. You get 60 seconds to find Loopy and pick him up, otherwise he will claim his victory.
• Follow Game: Follow Loopy’s commands as he asks you to shake him, clap your hands, tickle him and more. Complete six actions to win and master the bonus round by repeating all six steps in order!
• Running Game: Ready, set, run! Loopy gives you lightning-fast instructions to run fast, slow and then STOP! You must react quickly to win the game.