Loopy Case iPhone X and 8 Review – The MOST useful case EVER!

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At the end of the day, I just want my accessories to help make my tech easier to use. This is why I call this produce the MOST useful case EVER in my Loopy Case iPhone X and 8 Review.

Sure it looks a little funny and doesn’t follow the same lines as a naked iPhone BUT does that really matter when I know that it helps me get the most out of my iPhone?

The idea behind the Loopy Case is simple, there’s a rubber band on the back of a case. And the rubber band allows you to easily set your iPhone into your hand and by flipping it over, free up that hand immediately. No other case allows you to do that. Not these rings, or the Ungrip or even the PopSocket.

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Design 00:01:37

The Loopy case comes in two versions. The regular Loopy and Loopy Max. The cases that Loopy uses has gotten tougher over the years which is a good thing since the first versions where incredibly lightweight and thin but didn’t offer much protection for your device when it wasn’t in a finger.

The actual Loop isn’t just a regular rubber band. The original loop had a matte finish whereas the new loops have glossy ends which ensures that the loop doesn’t change size over time. You can easily swap out the loops for different colors and Loopy has a multitude of different colors and styles. The glow in the dark ones are actually quite fun to use.

Protection 00:02:25

When it comes to protection, both the regular Loopy and Loopy Max will do a great job protecting your device from accidental drops. However, those accidental drops will be far and few between for the average person. Why? Because the moment your hand is in the loop, the only way that your iPhone is going to get damaged is if you’re falling with your device.

If you’re wondering if the loop comes out from normal usage, well, here’s a video clip of me shaking the loop on my largest iPhone as virgoriously as possible. The updated loop does a great job of not coming out. If you need to see more examples of why I think the Loopy is the most useful case ever, check out my video where I show you 19 things you can’t do with a normal iPhone case but can with the Loopy case.

The biggest difference between the Loopy and Loopy Max are the edges. The edges on the Max are a bit larger than the regular case which equates to extra drop protection. The thicker edges of the Max include a hexagonal pattern adds to the protection.

The edges of the case are quite high and will keep the screen of your iPhone off a flat surface, even with a thicker screen protector. The one thing I noticed is that the tendency for me to put my device face down increased significantly because of the loop.

Functionality 00:03:47

Honestly, the loop just makes my iPhone better to use. It helps me get the most out of my iPhone. Most iPhone cases don’t have enough texture on the edges to easily lift off a flat surface. It may slip out of your fingers or it might take multiple tries before you get get a solid hold with of your device. You never have that problem with the Loopy case. The moment your finger is in the loop, your iPhone is going to be safe. But what makes the Loopy unique is the fact that you can easily free up your phone hand without actually having your iPhone leave your hand.

You can’t do this easily with a PopSocket.

Taking photos and videos with the Loopy is way easier and safer. The 8 Plus is a beast of a phone that’s covered in glass so being able to put a bit of tension on the Loop allows for better videos. Selfies are way easier with the Loopy case as you don’t have to worry about dropping your device.

Being able to securely hold onto my phone while moving my kid at the same time is so efficient.

Issues 00:05:51

Now what problems do I have with the Loopy case? First of all the buttons on the case are a little tougher to use than the average case.

The second issue I have is that the loopy case generally won’t work with Qi-chargers. The distance created by the loop is to great. Which is fine since Qi-charging on the iPhone blows. It also might not work with the average car mount. It does work with my iOttie mount which is my goto non-Qi charging car mount.

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