How-to Recover DELETED iPhone Videos – PhoneRescue vs CisDEM vs FonePaw vs UltData vs MacFoneLab

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So here’s the problem I had. I accidentally deleted the first sounds my son made after he was born. And I wanted it back. So basically in this video, I’m going to share with you all the things I did in order to get this sound back.

I’m going to cover simple things like:
– Checking your recently deleted files
– Restoring from iTunes Backups

To slightly more complicated things like using:
– Restoring from iTunes Backups through Time Machine if you have it
– Using 3rd Party Software.

The last option, 3rd Party Software is incredibly sketchy and awful. Which means I’ll spend the most time on it!

Now everybody should be quite familiar with the “Recently Deleted” folders in iOS as well as your iTunes backup so I won’t add too many details here. I will talk about the two slightly more complicated methods.

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iTunes/Time Machines Recovery

If you’re running the regular Time Machine, you can try to restore an older backup into the Mobile Sync folder. First you’ll need to navigate to where Apple stores all your devices backups. You’ll notice that none of them are named in a manner that’s easily recognizable so make sure you keep track of what the folder names are.

You’ll need to enter Time Machine, goto a date where you know you still had the file and restore it. Depending on the size of the backup, it can take a couple of hours. It did for me. You’ll need to find the right backup based on date, and restore it from the Time Machine backup into the current Mobile Sync Folder. After that, you’ll need to restart Itunes if you have it open and start the iPhone restore process.

3rd Party Software

In my opinion, this is the sketchiest option. Why? Because I generally have no idea how clean these programs are. I have no idea what information they’re actually taking, what they’re actually installing. Are they logging my keystrokes? What websites are they trying to contact behind my back?

Now right off the bat, every application is going to require cash to actually recover the files. I doubt there would be a free utility since companies making this software know that if it’s important enough to you, you’re going to fork over money for it.

Most of these programs offer the ability to restore files from the device, an iTunes backup and an iCloud backup. The iCloud backup recovery seems like an incredible bad idea to me since you have to give your iCloud credentials through a 3rd party app. That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

If you need to take a chance on one of these products, I’d try CisDEM first and then PhoneRescue. TenorShare seems a little sketchy and FonePaw and MacFoneLab are two that I’d stay away from. I’ll spend the next few minutes elaborating on why I’ve ranked the programs in the way that I did.

BUT let me be clear, I’m saying CisDEM and PhoneResuce are the least sketchy of the applications but there is still a sizeable chance that THEY WILL NOT RECOVER what you’re looking for. You’re literally gambling with your money with these two applications. The applications look like they can do a whole lot more but for this video, I’m just concerned about recovering that deleted video.

For my specific video, I lucked out because I found it in my backups, on the family computer. It wasn’t on my working laptops. Which I thought was lucky since I rarely use the family computer. I ended up backing up my the iPhone 8 Plus’s iTunes backup to an iPhone 7 Plus and viola, I have the first sound of my son, a sound that made my heart so full.

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