Hot Weather and EVs: Why Liquid Cooling Is Best

June 5, 2018 9:40 am Categorised in:

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With more and more used electric cars on the market — not to mention the price of new electric cars slowly falling — we’re starting to hear from lots of people eager to buy their first electric car. Sometimes they’re wanting to know if a particular car will meet their needs or handle their daily commute. Other times, they’re just wanting to know what type of charging station they should get. 

But recently, we’ve heard from many EV wannabe owners about buying an electric car in a warm place like Arizona. They want to know if it’s safe to buy a car with air-cooled battery pack over one with a liquid cooled battery pack.  But what’s the difference between the two — and what cars should you buy (or avoid) if you live in a warm place? 
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