Fidget Spinner iPhone Case that doesn’t SUCK? – Ludicase Review for the iPhone X and iPhone 8

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Know anybody who loves to fidget? If so, get them a Ludicase! This iPhone case has a number of features that will put any nervous-fingered individual at ease. Don’t worry, we’ll cover all the knick knacks in our Ludicase Review!

Honestly, the Ludicase is easily one of the funniest cases I’ve used. The case is quite well-designed and is worthy of being being a day-to-day case for most people.

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When it comes to design, the Ludicase has a rigid back and the edges of the iPhone are covered in a thick TPU. The case is thicker than the average slim case as the rocket spinner does stick out of the back of the case a lot. However, that’s not going to be a problem for most people since the extra thickness isn’t uniform through out the entire case.

The Ludicase feels like a premium case as it feels quite solid. Despite all the moving pieces, the case doesn’t feel like it is going to fall apart. It won’t slide round easily on a flat surface as the entire case feels like it’s been coated with a soft-rubber coating. This is the first case that feels like it has that coating that handles closer to a wet bar of soap. I will say that all the knick-knacks on the back make up for the reduced handling of the edges.

At the top of the iPhone, you have a sets of buttons that Ludicase calls the “Click brothers”. This buttons basically mimic the clicky pen from my perspective. The clicks aren’t distracting and are as loud as the average person typing on the keyboard.

When when it comes to fondling your iPhone, Ludicase has placed something they call “The Amazing Touch Field” which is a silicone textured surface. Now I personally don’t have an affinity for the textured surface except for the fact that it improves the grip on the case when I’m not using it.

When it comes to rolling, there are 3 mini spheres that go in any direction you want. I think. it’s hard to tell if the spheres actually move or if they’re just smooth balls. Now I’m not too fond of the placement of the spheres as they seem really out of the way especially when Ludicase says its for your fingers.

To spin your iPhone, you get to use the rocket spinner. If your iPhone could throw up, it would be while being spun on the Rocket Spinner. Personally, I have the most fun with the rocket spinner as it sits near the middle of the case where my thumb goes so when I’m thinking about what else to do a review on, my thumb just goes “WHEEE”.

Now the fun really starts when you place the case backside first. You’ve basically turned your iPhone into a top as the rocket spinner just goes. Even a bit of wind will spin the iPhone. So sitting on the patio during a breezy day can be quite entertaining.

Now the Rocket Spinner does pose a problem for me if I’m trying to read my iPhone on a flat surface. Why? Because the iPhone will spin or rock when you touch the screen. I found that this got annoying over time. Especially when I’m cooking as scrolling through a recipe with grubby hands and having the iPhone move around was frustrating.

When it comes to protection, the case isn’t drop rated but it is thick enough to handle any sort of drop from waist height. I wouldn’t go tossing it around like a SolidSuit BUT it will suffice for most normal day to day mishaps.

I do have to say that I like the rigidity of the case as I’ve learned that the harder it is to flex a case, the better front facing protection it’s going to offer. The case’s edge is high enough to use a thicker than average screen protector. The one I’m showing in this video is a plastic Rhinoshield Impact Protection screen protector.

I didn’t have any big issues accessing my iPhone in the case. The buttons are a tad stiffer than I’d like but that’s the only complaint that I have. I didn’t find any of the knick knacks on the back getting in the way of my pockets. Other than the extra bulk, my iPhone was quite usable with the Ludicase.

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