Coolest Screen Protector EVER! Whitestone Dome Glass Review – iPhone X – Drop/Scratch Test & Install

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This is the WhiteStone Dome Glass. The most unique feature of this product? You GET to add the glue to your screen protector yourself. Which leads to the question: Why?

At the end of the day, this is the coolest screen protector I have ever used. And it’s one of the best if you’re patient with it. The Whitestone Dome glass is as expensive as the Belkin Invisglass ultra you’d get from the Apple Store but the Dome glass is WAY better.

In this video, I will talk about:
Design 00:01:17
Installation 00:03:08
Does it fill in cracks? 00:06:22
Protection 00:07:20
Functionality 00:08:50
How the Dome glass has changed my mind 00:09:46

Get the Whitestone Dome Glass on Amazon!
Amazon US: https://mreh.ca/2vCVm0J
Amazon CA: https://mreh.ca/2vCVnlj
Amazon UK: https://mreh.ca/2vCVqgZ
Amazon DE: https://mreh.ca/2vCV1et

Or get it on eBay: https://mreh.ca/2vCVrl3


When it comes to design, the fit of Dome Glass is impeccable. The marketing fluff is deceiving as it looks like it will be flush with the curve of the iPhone but it isn’t. I wouldn’t call this product an edge to edge screen protector as a small part of the iPhone’s screen is still exposed but this is a good thing.

The edges of the product are rounded which is a must for devices like the iPhone X because of all the gesturing you have to do. Plastic screen protectors like the ones from Rhinoshield and Mous have sharp edges that are really noticeable with the iPhone X.

Part of the reason why this product is more expensive is the fact that it uses chemically treated glass. The average screen protector uses tempered glass which is pretty strong.

One of the downsides that I noticed during my test period is that dust accumulates between device and iPhone. It’s not really noticeable during normal usage but you’ll see it up close.


Installing the Dome Glass is pretty cool. First you load the iPhone into this cradle, setup the bridge and then literally pour the glue onto your iPhone. WhiteStone includes two vials of adhesive in case you mess up the first one. Once you pour the adhesive on the device, you roll the adhesive down to the center of the device. That’s right, you basically see-saw a pool of liquid into the middle of your device. After that happens you place the glass in the cradle and pull the tab and watch the liquid adhesive spread across the entire screen.

Then you shoot UV lasers at it to harden the adhesive. That’s the Coles note version of the installation process. Long but cool!


Now Whitestone claims that their product fills in minor cracks. Does it really? Well, I tried it on my iPhone 8 Plus.

To test Whitestones claim, I found a spare screen protector, tried to strip the existing adhesive off the back with acetone but failed. It took some of it off but not all of it. I installed the screen protector to see if the left over adhesive had any effect on the crack. It didn’t.

I dumped the second vial of adhesive onto the screen and plopped the screen protector on top and shot it with UV lasers. I’ll be honest with you, the screen protector worked incredibly well in covering up the cracks.


When it comes to protection, Whitestone claims that it has greater than or equal to 9H hardness. When it comes to scratch resistance, my favourite rock did nothing to the screen, nor did the Loonie, or keys or knives. The only thing that would leave a mark is the file on my Leatherman which is an expected result.

We did break the screen protector eventually, check out the video to see what we did.


Using my iPhone X with a WhiteStone Dome Glass is awesome. I can definitely tell that this product is of better quality. It is smoother than most and the fit is phenomenal.

My biggest complaints with normal screen protectors on the iPhone X is that the edge of the screen protector is noticeable when you swipe the edges. It’s even worse with plastic screen protectors as you can’t bevel those edges so you’ll notice a sharp edge every time you use your iPhone. You won’t have this issue with this product. Tech accessories should make your devices easier to use and the Dome glass definitely falls into that category.

When it comes to cases, there wasn’t one normal case in my giant collection that didn’t work with the Dome glass.

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