BMW Vision iNEXT, Audi’s e-Foil, Nissan LEAF e-Plus and Impossible Burger 2: CES 2019 Day 3

January 9, 2019 4:35 pm Categorised in:

Following on from the two media days at CES 2019, the team are now exploring the show floor! CES 2019 Media Day 2 was chock full of press conferences from tier one parts suppliers — the companies which make the various components that give your car all the functionality it has.

Today, Nikki experiences BMW’s vision of a commute with an electric car and its virtual digital assistant taking the strain for you, Kate heads off to learn about Intel’s latest work with its company Mobileye, we look at an e-foil from Audi, electric and hydrogen fuel cell trucks, experience the launch of the new Nissan LEAF, and try out the Impossible Burger 2 for the first time!

We also got to meet Louis from FunForLouis. Check out his channel at https://www.youtube.com/FunForLouis

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